Wearability means unmatched lateral and torsional boot stability

(Reinforced No-Torque tuck board and built-in, rigid Shod Shanks, provide superior stability.)

The foundation up which your foot sits inside a quality boot is called a tuck board. The No-Torque tuck board in a Dryshod rubber boot is a made of a thin but sturdy reinforced material that offers natural heel-to-toe flexibility for climbing hills but also significant structural side-to-side support for much greater walking stability. Plus, rigid non-metal “Shod Shanks”, which are designed to diminish the load incurred by your feet and legs, create a rubber boot wearing experience that is much more like wearing a hiking boot.

The tuck board also protects your feet from bruising or even puncturing in jagged terrain. And, not surprisingly, many rubber boots have no tuck boards or shanks which is why they offer virtually no support.

Dryshod Rubber Boots Offer Unmatched Stability

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