My name is AF. I am writing you because last week I purchased a pair of your Dryshod Arctic Storm boots. Congratulations, you’ve hit it out of the park with these. I have had many pairs of Muck boots over the years, and remember when they came on the market. Great boots. I know that you were involved with that brand, and have now started Dryshod. I see the Muck DNA in your new boots, but I can also see where you have further advanced the idea.

The first thing I noticed is the greater comfort, and fit. The second thing I noticed, especially for a heavy duty winter boot, is how light they are. During a long day, this makes a world of difference. I took a two mile walk this morning with my dogs, the temps in the low single digits. My feet have never stayed so warm in such a light boot. The tread grips on all winter surfaces, and I could have walked many more miles.

I am someone that needs my clothing and footwear to take a pounding. I seek out products that have a pure sense of purpose and design. I work outside all year. I’m either in the woods or building stone walls in the summer. Time is also spent in barns, basements, etc. My feet are either in mud, snow or barn slop. I look at my clothing and footwear as a kind of armor. Durable, well made gear can also provide a sense of protection.


Cavendish, Vermont

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